Shinwa Regal Katana Teal Sword Damascus

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Part #:46 KZ6202TDZ
  • 26 1/2" Damascus steel blade
  • Traditional handle wrap of genuine ray skin and nylon cordage
  • Cast metal menuki and tsuba
  • Includes coordinating hardwood scabbard
  • Powerful full-tang construction
  • 39" overall length

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This superior offering from Shinwa offers a 26 1/2" blade of Damascus steel that has been hand folded to deliver more than 2,000 layers of outstanding cutting power. It is built to perform with razor sharp edges on both sides! Measuring 39" overall, this sword features a hardwood handle that has been covered with ray skin and then traditionally wrapped in nylon cording.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 5.00 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Dec 12, 2018
(5 out of 5)

Best sword i got from here got it a year ago, nice and heavy, the damacus is beautiful, just an all out wonderful sword definitely recommend it

Brandon Foiles
Aug 22, 2018
(5 out of 5)
A Gorgeous Blade

The moment I saw this sword I knew I had to get it. The teal ito, the damascus steel blade, and the tsuba are beautiful works of art. The gift box was nice, and in excellent condition. I only have 2 minor complaints. 1. The blade rattles in the saya, much like my 1060 carbon steel Musashi katana. It's nothing to worry about. 2. The habaki is loose, and slighly rattles, just like the T10 Shijian katana I bought on Amazon, for $170. Honestly, I expected no less, seeing as how the sword was selling for $70. Other than that, I absolutely love the sword! It has taken the #1 spot in my collection as my favorite katana!

Chris Tipton
Jul 27, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Feelin like a ninja!

Beautiful, sharp sword! Gift box is flimsy and was broke from the gaurd tho.

Chris Malicoat
Jul 16, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Worth every penny

I was a bit skeptical about this sword at first because it was so cheap, but to my surprise this sword is very high quality. The blade came razor sharp and oiled. Comes in a nice box. When I first drew the sword I could feel how solid it was, nothing like the 40-50 dollar swords I’ve collected up til now. This sword is worth every penny spent. An excellent addition to my collection. This sword raises my expectations of future swords I will purchase. I would much rather have a sword of this quality than some of the ones I already own. If you’re considering this sword, it is without a doubt a great purchase.

Leroy Hilton
Jul 01, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Great Katana

I love everything about this Katana. Sharp, Beautiful Damascus, No loose fittings, It has a blood groove and a curved blade which is great. I love the color. Definitely get it if you can get a good deal on this. 5 stars!


Jun 13, 2018
(5 out of 5)
A stunningly beutiful sword

What an exelent work of art ! I'd highly recommend this sword for new collectors.


Apr 26, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Just received

This is a well made beautiful sword, glad I added it to my collection! Have not tested the full tang effectiveness, but I have tasted other shinwa full tang swords and they delivered great cutting abilities. Very happy with this product!

Bob Jetton
Apr 13, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Shinwa Regal Katana Teal Sword Damascus $69.98

Worth every penny at $69.98. The edge will need some work to bring to truly sharp if that is what you're after but the real hard work was already done by someone who knew what they were doing. Very nicely made for twice what I paid. Shipped triple boxed as noted below with the inside being a nice wooden presentation box as Chinese manufacturers are known to do. My only complaint is that the presentation box is broken directly under where the tsuba sits. Could have happened anywhere along the way and there was no damage to the outer shipping box. Customer service happily offered to swap my sword/box for a new one or I could return it for a full refund but I'm very happy with everything else and did not want to bother with all that. Best return/satisfaction policy on the interwebs people. 60 days and you can say "Pffft I changed my mind". No chance I'm sending her back. I've owned many very nice knives in my lifetime but this is my first sword. I've wanted one for as long as I could read epic tales and have handled a few dozen from some real deal brought back after WWII to "holy cow this thing is cheap, and they want HOW MUCH?!?" The Shinwa Regal Teal is one of the best value swords I have handled in the under $200 price range. She may be my first, but she will NOT be my last! :) BTW this is how true Damascus blades were made. True Damascus was folded and that is where the pattern came from. This blade is crafted the same way. This blade has the true Damascus water patterns. The difference is nobody has been able to reproduce the composition of the steel used in true ancient Damascus blades. Those secrets have been lost to time. Few have even come close.

David Cobb
Apr 12, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Well pleased!

This sword was received in a box inside a box inside a nice presentation bos with hinges. I have read some other reviews and can only presume to have the pick of the litter so to speak. Entire sword is nice and tight with zero wobble. It is straight as an arrow and nicely sharpened. This will NOT shave yet you do not want to run your finger tip along the blade lengthways. Unless you like getting stitches. Sword and scabbard fit securely. Sword has coating of oil. I can find zero imperfections in the blade be it rust or rolled edge or scratch. Like I say,,,maybe I got the pick of the litter. Now for the CON: it is heavy. Maybe it should be. I am not a swordsmith. With the two handed grip I know I can swing lethal arcs and block with confidence in this blade. But this is not a fencing sword for sure. The weight I will get accustomed to and be better for the effort I suspect. End of the day,,considering price too ($69.00),,,,this is easily a six out five stars.

Steven Newman
Apr 09, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Teal damascus

Must say for 70$ im very pleased though its a little cheap looking it feels great. It is a little on the heavy side. But for the price i do believe you are getting a fully functional sword. I give it 5 stars.

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