Night Watchman Heavy Duty Self-Defense Sword Cane - 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade, Aluminum Shaft, Fiber-Filled Nylon Handle - Length 37 1/2"

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Part #:41 UC3124
  • Perfect for walking stability and self defense
  • Concealed 25" 1060 high carbon steel blade
  • Hard-coated aluminum shaft
  • Fiber filled nylon handle
  • Removable rubber toe
  • Overall length: 37 1/2"
This Item Cannot Ship to the Following States: NY, MA, CA


You can always count on the Night Watchman Heavy Duty Sword Cane, whether it's to assist you in walking or as an extra measure of self defense. This inconspicuous cane conceals a razor sharp 25" 1060 high carbon steel blade that is poised and ready to defend you at a moment's notice. The formidable blade is housed inside a black, hard-coated aluminum shaft that can even be used as a striking weapon during a surprise attack. The handle is molded from sturdy fiber filled nylon for a secure grip, and a rubber toe keeps the cane from slipping. If you're a sword collector, or just need some additional peace of mind, this is the sword cane for you!

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.96 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Feb 04, 2019
(5 out of 5)

Very sturdy cane. Bought it for that but the additional benefits are welcome. The blade itself is top notch carbon steel and reasonably sharp. I’d hate to ever need it but it’s comforting knowing it’s there.


Feb 04, 2019
(5 out of 5)

I personally did not like sword canes until my wife got this. I must say that the design and feel are much more than I thought a sword cane could offer. I'm a larger person and the cane is comfortable in use and the blade is solid as well. Well done.


Jan 01, 2019
(5 out of 5)

Just what I was looking for! Appears to be a basic cane nothing fancy which is what I wanted. Sturdy- nice blade- Heavy cane. If you just hit someone with the cane it would do serious damage. Good price.


Dec 11, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Just Right For Me

Nice simple look. Serves the purpose of helping me get up from kneeling on floor/ground when doing work and serves as a great defense weapon with very sturdy hidden sword. One of my early Christmas gifts.


Dec 10, 2018
(5 out of 5)



Dec 07, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Nice cane, decent blade

My wife bought this cane for me, I have bad knee and she thought the blade would suit my personality well. The cane is great, and I use it often. The sword arrived with just the "factory edge" but it only took a little cleaning and sharpening to establish a good edge that it holds very well.


Jul 02, 2018
(5 out of 5)

I like the blade very much , I also like the balance, and the handle is perfect for a woman's hand. The item was shipped very promptly, packaged well, and delivered in a timely fashion. Ok, now the other side: the blade is loose in the handle. I can tighten it. The blade is dull. I mean not cut at all dull, with a severe angle grind. I'll have too file it properly, and finish it with a stone. Right now, it's a wicked piercing weapon, with a round false edge. The overall item is very nice, just wish I didn't have to put an actual edge on it


Jun 29, 2018
(5 out of 5)

I have 14 canes, and the Night Watchmen SK5 is arguably the best Sword cane I own. I own more expensive and ornate canes but, for fit and function this one stands out as the one that I really could defend myself with, if needed. At 49" it sets a little more up for the taller person, but at least 2 inches could be cut off the bottom for a custom fit. The cane doesn't require unscrewing like other lessor canes but is held in place by tight fitting "O" rings that are easily replaced when worn. Aluminum shaft is very sturdy and the SK5 Carbon blade could be sharper but is not dull. Full tang construction. Worth the investment as a everyday walking cane!


Jun 25, 2018
(5 out of 5)

I've had mine for a few years, great cane, really has been a help for me since I've been recovering from surgery and just can't do what I used to. Also gives me confidence to still walk where I want despite not being at my physical best. The only problem I've found with mine is just in the rubber o-rings used to seal it in place, but I just went out got some 30 cent ones from a local hardware store, trimmed off a bit and it hasn't come loose with daily use yet. Been a while since I've checked on the blade, but even if mine's got some rust issues so long as you stay up to date on your maintenance I have no doubt the sword will out last the cane.


Mar 26, 2018
(5 out of 5)

Ok, I've had my cane sword now for about two weeks and I can't say that I have anything bad to say about it. The whole thing, from top to bottom and inside and out is really well constructed. While I'm not in the habit of abusing my toys for the fun of it I don't think there is much that can damage this thing unless you're really trying hard to do it. Even then it'll probably hurt you back, it's mean. The blade is nice and long without being too long. In other words, it's got some reach but it's not like swinging a telephone pole. It's sharp although it could be sharper which is an easy fix. The shaft is pretty hefty as well, you could probably beat a horse to death with it though if you tried it on a gorilla it would just really piss him off. I would have prefered the handle to have been a little thicker but seeing how it has to fit in the shaft I see why it's not. To me it's kind of like swinging a car's radio antenna around, all be it an antenna that could slice someone in half. I wish the cane hand grip was a softer rubber like the ones you'd find on a normal Walmart cane, just because it would make walking with it and putting all your weight down more comfortable. Also, I've discovered that you have to be careful and not let the sword fall out. While it holds pretty well holding it upright and shaking it I can't say the same if it's held upside down. In that case, the sword drops out fairly easily and tries to shave off a little knee skin. All things considered, I still give a 5 star but that's because there isn't a spot for 4.8 stars. So unless you want to spend MUCH more on a slightly higher quality cane sword I would recommend that you get this one.

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