Crosman DPMS SBR Full Automatic Air Rifle - Nylon Fiber Stock, Steel Barrel, Quad Rail, Blowback, Folding BUIS Sights, 430 FPS

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Part #:21 CG0676
  • A tactical CO2 rifle that sends out a barrage of steel BBs with an insane 1,400 rounds per minute rate of fire
  • It has a six-position nylon fiber buttstock, AR compatible pistol grip, angled fore grip and quad Picatinny rails for accessories
  • The smooth bore steel barrel features a unique muzzle end cap and folding BUIS front and rear sights
  • A single shot semi-auto mode or full-auto mode sends steel BBs out of the 25-round drop-out magazine at a velocity up to 430 fps
  • This 26 1/2" overall air rifle has a heavy, realistic weight and features blowback bolt action, an ejection port cover and a forward assist button
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The Crosman DPMS SBR Full Automatic Air Rifle is a tactical, compact CO2 rifle that sends out a barrage of steel BBs through either a single shot semi-auto mode or full-auto mode with an insane 1,400 rounds per minute rate of fire - the most fun you’ll ever have shooting an airgun. It features a six-position nylon fiber buttstock, AR compatible pistol grip, quad Picatinny rails for accessories, angled fore grip and flip up iron sights (BUIS). It is powered by dual 12 g CO2 cartridges that are housed in a drop out 25-round magazine for ease of access. This air rifle has a heavy, realistic weight and features blowback bolt action, an ejection port cover and a forward assist button.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.67 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Myrick Morgan
Dec 11, 2020
(5 out of 5)
Looks awesome


Aaron Widger
May 05, 2019
(5 out of 5)
Super Fun!

This is super fun to shoot. Once you get the magazine cover and speed loader figured out; you will have no problem putting BBs down range quickly. The magazine cover is a little difficult to figure out, at first, but I found the way to get it open quickly and easily. The speed loader you have to hold it and the magazine at a certain angle and it loads without any problems. I would recommend the Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto Air Rifle to anyone that is even considering purchasing it.


Apr 04, 2019
(5 out of 5)

Well made,lots of fun exceeds what I was expecting 1000 rounds no problems


Apr 03, 2019
(5 out of 5)
Dpms sbr

Lots of fun get one wont regret


Mar 30, 2019
(3 out of 5)
Fun but somewhat disappointed

Overall I found the gun to be fun to shoot with fairly decent accuracy. Trigger is very rough and takes more pull than necessary. Speed loader is a waste of time; it never worked (even with one round) and was difficult to manipulate. Easy to see how it could be changed/modified to better accommodate the shooter. The "magazine" plate (which covers the CO2 canisters) was either difficult to open or, after being opened, would not stay put when closed. The instruction manual said NOTHING about the speed loader. Also, You needed a magnifying glass to read the manual. Despite this the gun is fun to shoot, but I would only give it an overall grade of B-.


Mar 14, 2019
(5 out of 5)
As good as it sounds!

Got mine and tried it out yesterday. Good velocity (watch that ricochet!) and pretty darned accurate. Semi-auto mode has heavy trigger but with proper trigger control is very accurate. Full-auto does go through the CO2 pretty quick but that is why they come 24 at a time! I've had a mountain of trouble with the speed loader but after reading some of the other posts on here, I'll try the Crosman Pellgunoil trick. This thing is a blast! If you had a Daisy in the 60s, then this is your toy for the 21st century!

Bryan Gooden
Feb 28, 2019
(5 out of 5)
It's a blast!

Great weight and detail, I haven't had the loading issue but I haven't really used the speedloader much, it's easier for me to pour them from a small bottle while holding the mag loading tab down. I will say it's absolutely eats CO2 in auto fire but hey, what did you expect on full auto? - On semi auto it's much more efficient with the CO2. This is about as real as it gets for looks and function and you can reasonably expect a visit from local cops if neighbors see you toting it. I have zero complaints, this thing is an absolute blast fun-factor wise and has exceeded my expectations in every way. Wish extra mags were cheaper but it's hot now, give it a year or two and they'll likely drop in price a bit. 5 stars.

Christopher petterson
Feb 10, 2019
(5 out of 5)
Just some info

there are several videos on YouTube that will show you how to load this the speed loader included with this is a copy of a speed loader you can pick up for about 7 bucks on Amazon okay. In order to get it working properly you need to tighten down all the screws holding it together and with a full Hopper of BB's add two drops of pellgunoil. Shake vigorously and you will have no further jams. As far as the magazines they are available at most retailers that sell this particular item I'm not going to list them here just search for this particular rifle on Google and you will be able to see. They run for about 40 to $45 a piece. This is pretty much the best BB rifle out there as far as tactical and the only one besides the umarex steel storm that is fully auto

David Leverett
Jul 26, 2018
(4 out of 5)
Fun for 2 seconds

Very nice design and a lot of fun. Feels and looks like the real thing. Trigger is stiff. It is difficult to load. 25 round magazine takes minutes to load and rounds are expended in less than 2 seconds on auto. Loader is not a great design. Loader only works with 8 or less BB's in the hopper. More than 8 interferes with the release mechanism inside the loader. Even with 8, it will still jam, but tapping/shaking/inverting etc. should clear it to load. Should be sold with an extra magazine to extend the fun. Can't find a source for additional magazines.

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