Avalanche Mini Crossbow Tactical Pistol 50-lb

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Part #:13 UCB1
  • Perfect for small game hunting
  • 50-lb draw weight
  • Metal limbed bow
  • Shoots bolts up to 150 fps
  • Includes five ABS bolts with field tips


The 50-lb Avalanche Mini Crossbow Tactical Pistol is perfect for target practice and small game hunting. It will streak a steel tipped bolt more than 150 fps with the metal limbs' impressive 50-lb draw weight. The crossbow is constructed of impact resistant ABS and fiberglass and features preinstalled adjustable sights for accuracy. Five fiberglass bolts with field tips are included, plus bowstring and a target.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 3.88 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Kristopher Millstead
Dec 21, 2019
(5 out of 5)
Great for the price.

Fun and definitely dangerous. I had to tighten a few nuts but other then that no complaints.


Mar 28, 2018
(5 out of 5)
Surprisingly accurate and powerful

I have been using this crossbow pistol for years with no problems other than screws coming loose. A little Locktite on the threads will fix that. It is also accurate. I have ruined several bolts by hitting ones already in the target (a Robin Hood). A cardboard box stuffed with old phone books or thick catalogs makes a nice back stop. My only complaint is that the trigger pull is very hard. If you plan to use this a lot, get some some extra bolts, a spare string, end caps, and some bowstring wax. This is an amazing value.

Isaac Sanchez Lago
Nov 24, 2017
(5 out of 5)
crossbow 50 pounds

I bought one for my niece but , wow was amazing , and bought other for me.....

Malcolm comeaux
Jul 04, 2016
(5 out of 5)

Doesn't need to pull back strength also perfect for combat or shooting practice. Great accuracy for under 20 bucks! !!


May 31, 2016
(4 out of 5)
A Fun Little Thing

I bought mine a month ago and just finally got the chance to assemble it and try it out. This is the second pistol crossbow I have purchased, the result of the first one (being of another brand) bending as I tried to string it. I'm giving it only four stars as the instructions were not the clearest. After the trial and error with the first crossbow, I advise getting help stringing the crossbow, using one person's legs to press the bow into and let the person being used to lever the bow back to string it. A couple of the nuts used to hold the main assembly together were also loose, so make sure to check those. Now the nice thing is that the safety snaps on quite easily, making it much safer to load the bolts. All in all, a worthwhile buy for ten bucks.

Jim Newland
May 24, 2016
(4 out of 5)
4.2 stars, rounded down to 4

It's hard to complain about a ten dollar crossbow, but I'll try. Actually, I'm not really complaining, but simply pointing out the flaws I observed in the product I received. Whether they're acceptable or not to you for the price paid is up to you. To me, they were. 1. The forward body of the bow is twisted slightly, as if it was under some kind of stress while still warm from the mold. I stress "slightly" because it's only barely discernible to the unaided eye and that's only if you know it's there. The reason I know it's there is that the forward sight sat slightly cockeyed because of it. I had to do some minor surgery and shimming to get the sight straight, but it's ok now. The twist in the body, which is still there, doesn't seem to affect bolt travel at all, so it seems to be a wash...no harm, no foul. (+- 0) 2. The rear sight seemed rather "springy" or "spongy" to me; it would bounce up and down a bit if the crossbow was moved with any force. Maybe that's normal and everything's fine, but it made me uncomfortable, so I glued a short length of matchstick crosswise in the V notch where the sight arm meets the top of the body. I also tightened the screw there. Now the sight remains flexible, but is more rigid than before and doesn't bounce. Whether I accomplished anything or not, or even caused some new problem without realizing it, it just "feels" more right to me than it did before. (- .3--an obviously arbitrary number intended to reflect my dissatisfaction (in the - .3), as well as my lack of knowledge about whether there was anything actually wrong here to start with (the remaining + .7)). 3. Lastly, I noticed after I shot my first bolt that the trigger return spring was sticking 3/4 of the way out of a narrow crease in the body clear back at the butt of the gun. It was only 3/4 exposed because the spring was thicker than the slit and it was lodged in tight. The exposed part of the spring was in pristine condition. I therefore concluded that it came that way from the factory and wasn't a casualty of my first firing. I removed the spring by gradually turning it out until it was free. I then threw it away, but that's all I've done. I haven't tried to replace it. I'm assuming the trigger will still work like it needs to when I need it to, it just won't spring back into its home position afterwards on its own. (- .5 for the nuisance value of having to manually return the trigger to its home position every time and hold it there while cocking.) Anyway, taking this all into account, the repairs required to get the crossbow into a usable (i.e. aimable) state were simple and straightforward enough that anyone could do them. Chances seem pretty good that your bow won't have these particular problems, so if it doesn't have any others, you'll come out of it with a five star, ten dollar crossbow. What are you waiting for? :0)


Apr 29, 2016
(5 out of 5)
Accurate and reliable

I have been using crossbow pistols like these for several years without a problem. My only complaint is that the trigger pull is hard. Wax the string often and put some locktite on the screws to keep them from loosing up, and you should get a lot of use out of it. The string will wear out eventually, so get a spare string and end caps for the limbs. Old phone books make great target backers.


Mar 28, 2016
(3 out of 5)
its ok

it is fun and very powerful but the strings break very easy.


Dec 26, 2015
(5 out of 5)
Pretty cool

Got it as a Christmas gift, it went together fine & shoots pretty good. It's a little powerful but it's fun!


Dec 26, 2015
(3 out of 5)
need more strings

i have had this crossbow for 2 years and have had a lot of fun with it but after 1 two 5 hr of shooting the string well break every time, it is super easy to use.

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